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Septic Installation & Repair

CB Septic is the only contractor you will need for complete installation, repair, and maintenance of your septic system.

We have the equipment and expertise needed to trouble-shoot your system and advise you of the necessary repairs. We can replace faulty piping, replace your distribution box, replace the septic tank, alter and/or replace the wastewater plumbing in your basement, repair or add-on to your leaching system, install a whole new leaching system, or install a complete new septic system at your home. We can handle small and large commercial jobs.

Evaluation - Identify Your Problem and Find the Solution for You

Even with the experience gained from hundreds of system installs our evaluating approach is always tailored to your unique site conditions. Every site is different with different soil conditions, percolation rates, space availability, slope of the ground, access availability and other factors. We work with your local permitting authority to arrive at the best, most affordable repair option for your individual site while also providing the "percolation tests" needed to arrive at the appropriate design.

Inspection - Professional Service Through the Proper Channels

CB Septic has been performing septic inspections for many years. We have been trained and certified through the IDNR, DMACC, and IWCC sponsored "Inspection of Existing Onsite Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems" training courses. Our strict compliance with IDNR codes makes for a smooth and easy process for all parties involved in the real estate transfer.

It is important to locate a diagram and/or information page about your septic system. We will contact the local health department or other septic governing authority to see if they have the any information. If information does not exist about your septic system, we will need to figure out what your septic system consists of and create a sketch at the time of the inspection.

We will need to get into the home at the time of the inspection (to check the plumbing fixtures and run water). We are making sure all is in working order. When we arrive at your home we need to check your wastewater plumbing to see that all wastewater (including "gray water") is directed to the septic system. We need to open up the septic tank to check the baffles, inlet and outlet T’s, condition of the tank and distribution box (if present), and water level in the tank.

If we have clear information about the leaching system we will need to dig up the distribution box. Checking the water level in the septic tank along with a visual above ground inspection of the leaching area is also done.

Finally, we will pump out the septic tank(s) to check the condition in order to complete the septic inspection.

After the inspection has been completed and payment has been made we will send out your completed septic inspection report. For your convenience we can often fax or e-mail the report to you, your realtor, and/or your attorney along with state and local required authorities.